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Making Moonshots Launch Party at South Park Commons

Hosted by Amelie Lasker
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We're celebrating lots of things: Rahul Rana's book, the inaugural release from Alexandria, and conscious and ambitious innovation in deep tech with thoughtful founder-builder community South Park Commons.

The event starts at 6:30 and the author fireside chat starts at 7.

View and buy the book here:

About the author

Rahul Rana is a venture builder and investor with specialties in finance and astronomy. He's worked previously for Lux Capital and General Atlantic and he writes for Not Boring, an influential newsletter with a community of 125,000+. He has past experience in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and public policy.

About the book

In Making Moonshots, investor and operator Rahul Rana asks the question: Why should we live in a world of incremental scientific and technological progress when the human race has proven in past eras that we are capable of so much more?  

The world faces major problems. It is time for conventional thinkers to stand aside and give way to the crazy ones, the contrarians, the radically creative geniuses who work outside the box to create massive breakthroughs. This book is both a prescription for building successful deeptech startups and a call to arms to generate highly moral, deeply influential solutions that will positively affect the lives of billions.

Rana predicts a new golden age is about to erupt in modern times. Dare to dream bigger. Let’s make some moonshots.

This digital release comes with special interactive elements including:

  • A collectible edition of the book. 100 copies, each with a unique cover composed of hand-drawn scenes of scientific innovation and human flourishing on the frontier.

  • Access to the author through exclusive Q&As.

  • An intimate book club with other readers of this special edition.

  • Access to an exclusive newsletter with ongoing additional reading recommendations from the author.

About the publisher

This is the first release from Alexandria, a limited edition digital book publisher powered by blockchain technology. We're focused on the preservation and access of information and radically positive speculative narratives. Learn more on our website or follow us on Twitter @AlexandriaLabs.