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Monthly Pitch Deck Roast - Get Real, Unfiltered Feedback to Take Your Deck to the Next Level

Hosted by Jason Kirby @
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This Event is Sponsored by Decko, Your pitch deck built from scratch by VCs and designers.

Hey Founders,

Knowing if your pitch deck is a winner or loser is not always clear. The venture community likes to project false positivity and tries not to give direct feedback for fear of founders getting defensive or feeling crushed.

Personally, I feel it's a disservice to founders pouring their heart, blood, sweat, and tears into their business's not to get direct and constructive feedback.

That's why I'm hosting a monthly live and recorded deck roast for founders in the Thunder community.

Here's how it works:

  1. RSVP for the event and upload your deck if you want it to be considered for the event. I will do as many as I can in a 30-60 minute window on a Friday every month. If I don't get to yours or you're not ready, there's always next month.

  2. Join the live event to participate in the roasts.

  3. Can't make it? No worries, it will be recorded, and the video will be shared with everyone that RSVP'd.

So what does a roast involve? Brace yourself...

  • Direct constructive feedback

  • No BS

  • Design feedback

  • Story and flow feedback

  • Overall fundability assessment

  • A final score of 0-5 will be delivered

    • 0 - Your deck isn't finished, or it's so bad I couldn't even get passed through the first few slides

    • 1 - I don't believe you put any effort into your deck

    • 2 - You have some pieces of the deck that are coherent, but I'm not convinced to pursue a meeting with you

    • 3 - You might have a good business and a bad deck or a bad deck and a good business

    • 4 - You're on to something big and just need a few more details or address a few missing pieces

    • 5 - You're ready to get funded now

I'll treat every deck with my VC hat on to determine how other VCs will react to the deck.

I can assure you that I will do my best to add value to every deck I review.

Also, keep an eye out for special guest appearances. They will be a surprise and totally worth attending to see who we bring in.

Go ahead and RSVP!!!!