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Community Gathering - April

Hosted by Brand Orchestrate
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The potential growth of the Brand Orchestrate community

Hey, y'all!
It's been a while since we have all gathered at a virtual round table!

It's about time to bring that monthly gathering back!

This meeting is also dedicated to all of the members who have been off track and want to catch up on what's going on within the community.

The agenda is: 

- See where our members are at
- Discuss co-working co-learning opportunities & side projects (real client practice?)
- The new accountability program (practical and documented)
- 1-1 coaching & personal branding for the most active members
- Cohort launching soon (on brand strategy)
- Different kinds of experience (audio, in-person meetups?)
- Upcoming tour and open up (to onboard potential members)
- Discuss future workshops & events (paid + free)
- Discounts & tools !! (join in to catch a tool you don't want to miss!)
- Bring back strategy Wednesdays & author interviews?
- We need your help (editing, content creation & events managing!)
- Where we started and where we're at!


This conversation will happen once a month, And No, it will not be recorded And yes, we require all of our members to join in! or else they'll be left behind.

See you in traffic ~