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Momentum: How To Build Psychological Flexibility To Improve Wellbeing, Leadership & Performance

Hosted by Toby Jenkins
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The Challenge

Juggling competing demands of work, family, relationships, health and more can be intense for leaders and their teams and communities.

Add in economic, political, social and org changes, a new role, difficult conversation or simply life’s curveballs and the reality can be tough. 

If managed poorly, people can experience the full spectrum of costs on results, health, energy, relationships, reputations, finances, workplaces and the community. 

But what if there was a way to build adaptability and align wellbeing, leadership and performance rather than seeing them as trade offs?

What it's about

The cutting edge science of Psychological Flexibility is validating millennia old traditions to enable leaders, teams and communities to:

  • Manage stress and pressure

  • Navigate change

  • Perform when it matters

  • And still be the person they want to be in the process

It's worked for Olympians, global executives, elite military, leaders, investors, founders and more.

Ultimately, it's about bringing out your best.

Key Takeaways

  1. Education of the science of psychological flexibility

  2. Self-awareness through reflection and activities

  3. A personalised, evidence-based toolkit to enable ongoing practice

  4. Access to digital tools and resources

About Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins is a husband, father, executive coach, Olympian and award winning entrepreneur and author.

His purpose is to change the world's relationship to suffering.

He’s worked with Olympic medalists, investors, founders, executives, elite military and more. (Find out more about his coaching.)

At the intersection of leadership, wellbeing and performance, Toby loves helping leaders and their teams manage stress and pressure, navigate transitions and perform when it matters - all while being the person they want to be in the process.

Toby has spoken to thousands of people in live and broadcast audiences around the world at organisations such as Rio Tinto, Google, Ernst & Young and the Australian Institute of Sport. (Find out more about his speaking.)

He’s married to Lucy and father to Beatrix, Heidi and Zoe.

One of his favourite things is writing about himself in the third person.