Cover Image for Model Evaluations Hackathon Hub at EPFL
Cover Image for Model Evaluations Hackathon Hub at EPFL
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Model Evaluations Hackathon Hub at EPFL

Hosted by Romain Graux
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​​Join us for an exciting local hackathon event focused on AI Model Evaluations at EPFL! Hosted by Safe AI Lausanne (SAIL), this 48-hour event is the perfect opportunity to uncover the risks and design evaluations for understanding dangerous capabilities of language models!

​Our local event is a great way to work together with like-minded individuals and make new connections in the field of AI.

​Here is the schedule of the event:

  • ​Friday 20:00 UTC: Keynote talk

  • ​Saturday afternoon: Project discussions

  • ​Saturday evening: Two technical talks with a 15 minute break in-between

  • ​Sunday afternoon: Project discussions

  • ​Sunday evening: Ending session

  • Monday early morning: Submission deadline

​​Our submissions will be evaluated based on several criteria, including Innovative Methodology, Compelling Narrative and Easily Replicability. You will have access to many resources for inspiration, including ideas lists, research papers, and code bases.

​​If you are passionate about AI and want to make a meaningful contribution to the field, this is the event for you. Join us for a weekend of intensive research, collaboration, and fun!

​​Additionally, we want to ensure that all participants are well-fed and hydrated throughout the event, so we will be providing food and drinks to keep your energy levels up.

​​Find more information at the following link:

1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
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