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Crack any Data Analyst Interview: Watch a Live Mock Interview!

Hosted by Jovian
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Getting started on your Data Science career? The data science world sees a lot of traction these days, many students are looking to build careers in this domain. As important as the theory is, understanding how you should approach real-life problems & come up with practical solutions is often overlooked.

Come find out what a live Data Analyst interview looks like as Aakash, CEO at Jovian interviews Shaswath. This is the perfect platform for you as a college student or experienced professional to get insights into how to set yourself apart for future interviews. Learn:

  1. How to answer technical & non-technical questions as a budding Data Scientist

  2. Transitioning to Data scientist roles and Interview Prep Resources

  3. Learning while working to build great skills

Who are we interviewing?

Shaswath Patil, Analyst II at MiQ

Shaswath is from Hyderabad. He is currently working as Analyst II at MiQ. He has 5 years of experience as a Market Research Analyst in the Retail/CPG Industry. He also has a Masters in Marketing & Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. More here

Host - Aakash N S

Aakash is the CEO and co-founder of Jovian. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from IIT Bombay. Aakash has worked as a software engineer at Twitter, Ireland & San Francisco. He was a world finalist at ACM ICPC, the olympics of programming. Courses taught by Aakash have over 5 million views on YouTube.