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Presented in English - to request an ASL interpreter, please email at least 48 hrs in advance.


From professional acting extraordinaire, Mark Frank, learn the essential elements of “non-verbal communications,” including facial expression, posture, movement and body position. ALL communication becomes more effective and clear when applying these elements. For interpreters who do any stage or large audience interpreting, these elements become increasingly vital.

Mark will describe acting theory and techniques that actors learn and apply to make their communication from stage dynamic, clear and impactful! These same techniques can and should be applied to the work of sign language interpreters in order to achieve the same level of effectiveness and clarity.

·  Learn proven acting techniques related to communication with facial expression and body position/movement

·  Consider the application of these techniques to the work of sign language interpreting

·  Practice techniques that will enhance clarity and effectiveness of manual communication

· Consider specific communication settings that require enhanced non-manual communication skills