Cover Image for Live Workshop: How to make your biotech data AI ready
Cover Image for Live Workshop: How to make your biotech data AI ready
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Live Workshop: How to make your biotech data AI ready

Hosted by Guru Singh
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Join our workshop designed specifically for biotech companies aiming to become AI-ready. This event will guide you through the creation of a robust data infrastructure, crucial for establishing a competitive edge and fully leveraging AI technologies in your operations. Engage with leading experts, share valuable insights, and take your biotech firm to the next level.

What You Will Learn

Discovering the Path to AI-Readiness:

  • Integrate disparate data from various sources (Google Drive, ELN, LIMS, instruments) into a cloud-based data lake.

  • Enable transformative insights and efficient cross-organizational data interaction through secure API connections and advanced pub-sub architectures.

  • Utilize cloud computing's scalable resources for complex data processing tasks in biotech research and innovation.

Best Practices in Data Management:

Delve into the crucial practices of data extraction, standardization, normalization, and harmonization to fortify your data infrastructure.

This meticulous process lays the groundwork for creating a significant data moat, developing proprietary ontologies, and training specialized Large Language Models (LLMs). These initiatives extend beyond mere efficiency improvements; they aim to expand the realm of possibilities in biotech by strategically incorporating AI/ML technologies. Engage with us to cultivate an environment of innovation, making AI a pivotal element of your biotech firm's growth and product development.

Why Attend?

Obtain biotech-specific AI-enablement startegies, participate in interactive sessions, and depart with concrete strategies to bolster your data infrastructure and readiness for AI.

Who Should Attend?

Ideal for biotech startups, data scientists, CTOs, and AI/ML professionals looking to advance in the biotech industry.

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