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Startup Astrolabe | Tools to navigate your early-stage startup journey

Hosted by Muslamic Makers, Dzanan Ganic & Khalid Sharif
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Come and meet our founders fellows over Zoom!

No matter if you are just at the idea, MVP, or fundraising stage, this talk aims to fill the necessary gaps and teach you how to have the right founder mentality.

In this talk, we will cover:

Validating your idea with limited time and money

Building your MVP with little to no code

Getting first customers

How to pivot properly: a case study

Setting fundraising expectations

Q&A session with personalized advice

Dzanan Ganic

Dzanan is a founder and a software engineer focused on the Islamic fintech industry.

With 8+ years of software engineering experience, he previously founded 2 startups in the sustainable finance industry - Thematic and Sagewealth.

Thematic helped small investment advisors in the US serve ethical and sustainable portfolios to their clients. After bootstrapping the startup and getting the initial clients, the startup got acquired by an Austin-based company.

After that, Dzanan co-founded Sagewealth, a sustainable private bank for millennials in the EU. After hitting 1mil EUR in assets under management, hiring a tech team, helping raise an investment round, and helping establish the company for further growth, he’s moved on to focus on solving problems within the Islamic Finance industry.

Currently, he is founding Afterfund, a fintech-for-good startup that focuses on investing donations in a halal portfolio that grows, and distributes the profits periodically to whichever causes the donor wants - thus making them growing and perpetual. Passionate about everything related to startups, fintech, archery, boxing, Islamic philosophy and psychology

Khalid Sharif

Khalid is a Senior Project Manager who has worked in IT for over 20 years in industries ranging from Media and Finance to Beauty and the Care Sector. He is well versed in project recovery.

In between his Project Management career he has founded several startups. He launched Ummah Foods which brought the first halal chocolate bar into Tesco and Asda. He also was Editor and Founder of the Muslim Paper.

He loves working on community projects and is currently building an initiative for elders in his local area. It will include running a drop-in session for elders in his areas who have been left alone and isolated.

He is working on a new start-up that will create the "IMDB for the Muslim Community" and give Muslim parents more support in choosing faith appropriate content for their children.

He is part of a team that will also be putting together a podcast on the growth of the Metaverse, especially in the Middle East.