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Design Thinking Part 1 of 2 | Fellowship

Hosted by Muslamic Makers, Nasra & Ramla
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About Event

Welcome to our first Design event! In the next 2 sessions, we will walk through the Design Thinking process, and put into practice some key methodologies to add to your toolkit. We will focus on a topic that impacts us all: how can we improve our design community through co-creation?

What to expect:

Session 1:

  1. Introduction to Design Thinking.

  2. Empathise: Using journey mapping to understand the current experiences of a) newbies to tech and b)current UX professionals.

  3. Define: Use How Might We (HMW) statements to define a problem statement.

Session 2:

4. Ideate: Using Crazy 8s to wireframe potential solutions.
5. Prototype: Paper prototyping/sketching.
7. Test: Get insights for your ideas with other participants.
8. Close: wrap up and feedback!

Meet the fellows

Ramla Anshur

I am a Product & Conversational Designer, with a background in Biomedical Sciences. I started as a generalist in a Technology Consulting role, and have navigated a variety of different technology roles before landing on Product/Conversational Design. I am particularly passionate about Inclusive Design, AI, and thinking of new ideas!

Nasra Mohamed

I am a UX/UI designer that is currently freelancing. My background is mostly creative as well as retail, public services and concessions but I was lucky enough to find my real passion in UX/UI. I thoroughly enjoy user research, wireframing and watching my designs come to life!