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How to Connect with People & Generate Opportunities on Twitter

Hosted by Kyle Bowe 🧠✏️ & Merott
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Hi everyone!

There are A LOT of Twitter growth guides. It seems like there’s some unspoken rule that once you hit 1,000 followers on Twitter, you have to publish a Twitter growth guide. Some are paid, some are free. In other words, some of the information we’ll discuss is readily available.

But in a lot of ways, this is the anti-growth hacking guide.

We’ll focus on communication strategies and frameworks that you can use to express your authentic voice, add value, and connect with others.

I’ve used these strategies and frameworks to:

  • Land a gig as the Course Manager for Performative Speaking

  • Get free access to Part-Time YouTuber Academy with Ali Abdaal

  • Have the opportunity to pitch the entire Teachable exec team

  • Get a sponsorship to the On Deck Course Creator Fellowship

  • Land a job opportunity with Greatness Media and VC firms

  • and most importantly, build a global network of friends & collaborators

We’ll cover:

  • The communication frameworks to use to make connections and build meaningful relationships

  • How to send an effective DM (and prime your recipient for a response)

  • How to repurpose content to increase your reach and create serendipity

  • How to find and express your unique voice to add value to others

  • Finding your brand and how you can leverage that to add value to others

We’ll also discuss why it’s important to make friends, not build a following, and how that subtly, but powerfully, shifts your approach to using Twitter.

In other words, we’re going to get A LOT done.

You’ll leave this workshop confident in your ability to use Twitter to connect with others and create opportunities.

If you have any questions, please email me at (or send me a DM on Twitter @KyleBowe4 😉).