Cover Image for Miro Assist Jam Session
Cover Image for Miro Assist Jam Session
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Miro Assist Jam Session

Hosted by Rachel + Jon
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Interested in learning how to play around with the Miro AI features? We dive in and show you everything you need to know to get started and keep momentum!

This session is for anyone…

➡️  With an open and curious mind!
➡️  Who has seen Miro AI features but wasn’t sure how to get started.
➡️  Who started with some Miro AI features but wants to learn more.
➡️  Who wants to hang out with Rachel & Jon and have fun!

During this session you’ll walk away with some fantastic things!

💡 Learn about what Miro AI features are available.
🧠 Get insight about how to use the features, in what use cases.
🔥 See Miro AI features in action and be able to get started on your own right away!​​​​

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​​​​Meet Your Facilitators: 

Jonathan White | Founder, Hiro Studio - Miro Experience Designer + Facilitator

Over the past five years, Jon has been working with clients and colleagues all over the world to create amazing Miro Experiences that get audiences excited and engaged. Drawing from his 20+ years of experience as a Lean Consultant, Jon has a natural, warm, and entertaining facilitation style and an uncanny ability to bring models, tools, and templates to life in Miro. In our time working together, we’ve not found a methodology or approach that can stump Jon (just try us!), so consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators can both exhale with relief and rejoice with him on their side. Jon loves movies so much that he has his own movie review podcast, so make sure to chat him up about your favourite flick!  Jon is also wild for remote collaboration (thus his passion for Miro), so if your question is ever “What do we do?”, his response will definitely be “Create a Miro board!”

Rachel Davis | Workshop Experience Designer + Facilitator

Rachel is a workshop experience designer and facilitator. She has over 17 years of experience across design thinking, brand and creative strategy, workshop creation, and facilitation. She’s an avid reader and probably has way too many books on her reading list right now; don’t ever hesitate to ask her for a book recommendation—she will probably have one at the ready! As a life-long learner, she’s always learning something new every day—even about Miro. She also loves sharing what she learns or even just her everyday insights.

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