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The 5 Lightbulbs Framework w Billy Broas

Hosted by Kevin C. Whelan
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Clearly communicating the value of your products and services is essential to getting people to buy from you.

That’s why I wanted to invite Billy Broas to present on just this topic next week for members of my email list, the Mindshare Community, and any other marketing professionals who wish to join (bring a friend!).

Billy Broas is a marketer and copywriter who has worked with some of the top online course creators & coaches, most notably including Tiago Forte of Building a Second Brain.

On Friday, March 11th at 12pm EST/9am PST, Billy will present on his 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework for about an hour, with some room for Q&A at the end.

Here’s how Billy describes this framework:

The Five Lightbulbs model creates a supportive structure for your marketing message. Using this system, the messages you write will provide value to your prospect and tie back to your core messaging.

That second part is important. Each piece of marketing content should advance the sale. When we take this approach—and turn on all the Lightbulbs—we notice a number of benefits, including:

  • Attracting more serious buyers and fewer tire-kickers

  • Having customers who “get it” and don’t question everything

  • Enjoying less friction and higher conversions when the pitch is finally made

During this session you will:

  • Draw the framework along with Billy (bring something to draw with—coloured pencils are ideal)

  • Run your product (or a client’s) through the framework and see how it strengthens your marketing message

  • Hear the ways Billy is using the framework with clients & his vision for its future

One of the common reactions from entrepreneurs and marketers who learn this model is a feeling of relief.

They are relieved because they finally feel a sense of control over their marketing. And because they know how everything ties back to their main goal: Getting a new customer to say "yes."

Does this sound interesting to you?

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