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Mindful Values - Free Workshop

Hosted by Casey Rosengren
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About Event

Mindful Values is an evidence-based 8-week course that helps you discover what truly matters in your life and take action towards living with purpose.

In this free workshop, we'll do a deep dive into some of the research on values that we'll be covering in the course, as well as some experiential exercises to help you practically apply the theory in your own life.

In the workshop, we'll explore how to:

  • Identify what's most important to you

  • Learn to work with the hard stuff that comes up as you move toward what matters

  • Connect your day-to-day activities to what you care deeply about

  • Test new and concrete ways to live out your values in your day-to-day life

You might be a fit if you are...

  • Questioning your work, your purpose, your life

  • Feeling lost or unfulfilled

  • Asking yourself, "Is this it for my life?"

  • Exploring a new career or life direction

  • Experiencing signs of burnout

  • Feeling like you're in a mid-life funk

  • Sitting with existential questions around meaning

  • Seeking motivation through challenging times

  • Looking to start or deepen a mindfulness practice

  • Longing to reconnect with passion in a work you once enjoyed

The workshop is meant as a standalone offering, and for those who are interested, you can check out the full course: