I believe attention is a most valuable asset, especially for knowledge workers and anyone who mostly thinks for a living. Balancing how we focus and disperse attention is the key to individual and team WELLBEING, INNOVATION and EFFECTIVENESS. Cultivating the right level of organizational attention will, ultimately, enable sustained market advantage and social impact.

As the founder of MindEQuity Inc., my aspiration is to build a movement, centred on harnessing and protecting attention. I envision organizations solving the world’s important challenges, without sacrificing wellbeing.

MindEQuity supports knowledge worker organizations through 5-step Focus Better Journeys to better understand and manage attention. Participants receive the benefits of increased wellbeing, innovation and effectiveness….3 in 1, at the same time….through one holistic journey. Ultimately, they have the ability to sustain creative advantage and social impact.


My life and career have been shaped by the continuous tension between stillness and movement. As a child I was balancing violin lessons with horse riding. As a teenager it was studying and swimming. In my 20s, I was rewarded more for thinking than sensing. In my 30s, I was not so good at "just being", yet very comfortable in “the doing”. In my 40s, I worked in complex environments with large private sector companies, navigating the interplay between machines and humans, the digital and the physical experience.

Now, in my 50's, I feel like a tightrope walker with these same tensions living inside me and my work. That is why I believe that value creation, for people and planet, all comes down to the right balance of attention we bring to any challenge. When there is equilibrium, the resulting alignment generates a possibility to reach the highest potential of any activity.