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Transform your organization with Intelligent Cloud – Innovation Roundtables

Wed, Feb 9, 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM UTC (+3 more)


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Wed, Feb 9
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The UAE’s thriving SMB sector is a key driver for sustainable development, unlocking the potential of the economy and providing it with content for growth, diversity, flexibility, and innovation. Xponential has been active in the SMB Sector for over 15 years, winning awards in excellence, keynotes, and much more.

Holding strategic public engagement sessions like 'Transform your organization with Intelligent Cloud – Innovation Roundtables' is one of the many ways in which we are helping spread awareness and help bring important topics into the limelight.

Moderated by Tariq Qureishy (Futurist, Global Speaker, Humanitarian and CEO at Xponential)

Cyber Security Roundtable

• How to assess the risk of not securing your environment accordingly
• Security offering portfolio: from basic protection to SOC operations
• Requirements across different industries from a security perspective (Finance vs Retail vs Health examples)

Cloud Migration, Cloud Natives and App Development Roundtable

• What are best scenarios to start getting familiar with the cloud (first easy workloads)
• Real-life case of a customer moving to the cloud (learnings and what’s next)
• Full end to end transformation journey (BCDR, Dev-Test, Production Migration, Data insights, and AI, DevOps)
• How can I host my application more effectively in 4 easy steps: Serverless, API Management, App Services
• Simple adoption scenarios to prove app modernization benefits
• Customer reference that transformed legacy development to agile cloud-native

Data Modernization Roundtable

• How DBaaS makes operating a DB cheaper than owning it and operating it
• From OpenSource to Licensed DBs, there is one that fits your needs
• Obtain data insights and leverage Cognitive Services for simple scenarios (chatbots, image processing, …)

Digital Transformation to Overcome New Business Challenges Roundtable