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Cover Image for Data Storytelling in Python Altair
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Data Storytelling in Python Altair

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Transform your raw charts into data-driven stories - Angelica Lo Duca

This hands-on workshop will lead participants on a journey, transforming a data visualization chart into a compelling data story using the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKW) pyramid through Python Altair. This workshop is a unique opportunity for those with prior experience in Python Pandas to expand their skills into the world of Altair. 

Participants will create a data story that leverages the global temperatures dataset from 1880 to the present day (source: NASA/GISS). 

We’ll cover the following steps:

  • Introduction to the DIKW pyramid as a model to build data stories

  • From Data to Information: extracting insights from the global temperature dataset and representing it in Altair

  • From Information to Knowledge: adding context to the chart

  • From Knowledge to Wisdom: adding next steps.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to transform raw charts into compelling data-driven stories.

About the speaker:

Angelica Lo Duca is a Data Storytelling, Data Science, and Web Applications researcher at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the National Research Council in Italy and an adjunct professor of Data Journalism at the University of Pisa.


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