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Hosted by Nethermind & Flashbots
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About Event

About the event is a one-day event in the heart of London, hosted by Nethermind and Flashbots. We bring together blockchain researchers and financial experts to explore the architecture of onchain trading, order flow, block building and the future of these evolving digital marketplaces.

What to expect?

  • In-depth exploration of block building on Ethereum and L2 platforms, highlighting both decentralized and centralized approaches.

  • Detailed discussions on emerging technologies and concepts like MEV-Share, SUAVE, and the evolving landscape of private computation.

  • Examination of the role of geographic decentralization and its implications within the block building ecosystem.

  • Examination of order flow in the context of MEV, and the factors that affect how transactions are sequenced and prioritized within blocks.

  • Analysis of the intersection between traditional finance order flow mechanisms and their blockchain counterparts, emphasizing how these paradigms converge and diverge.

  • And much more!


Chapter 1 State of MEV 2024

10:00-10:15 Everything is MEV - by Nathan Worsley
10:15-10:30 A History of MEV Discourse - by Apriori
10:30-10:45 From Talking about MEV to Building the Markets for the Next Millennia - by Tomasz K. Stańczak
10:45-11:30 Panel | Block building in 2024 and beyond
Moderator: Robert Miller
Panelists: Kubi Mensah, Kevin Pang, Joe Plaza, Nathan Worsley

Chapter 2 The Cathedral and the Mevzaar

11:30-11:50 The Endgame: 3 Years Later - by Vitalik Buterin 1
11:50-12:30 Panel | Big & Small Node: Balancing Performance and Decentralization
Moderator: Quintus Kilbourn
Panelists: Mustafa Al-Bassam, Josh Bowen, Vitalik Buterin 1, Lev Livnev, Ye Zhang

Chapter 3 The Sequencing Arena

Section 1 The Proposer

14:00-14:20 United Chains of Ethereum - by Justin Drake
14:20-14:40 Execution Tickets and MEV Distribution in Based Sequencing - by Ben Fisch
14:40-15:00 L2 Proposer and Builder Election Mechanisms - by Conor McNenamin
15:00-15:20 Economics of Shared Sequencing and Separate Sequencing - by Jan Christoph Schlegel
15:20-16:30 The Great Sequencing Debate
Moderator: Ben Fisch
Round 1 Shared vs. Non-shared: Justin Drake p.k. Dankrad Feist
Round 2 Based vs. Non-based: Justin Drake p.k. Josh Bowen

Section 2 The Composer

16:40-17:00 Chain Abstraction and Cross Chain Intents Format - by Ankit Chiplunkar & Stephane Gosselin
17:00-17:20 SUAVE: a Big Node Framework? - by Dmarz & Quintus Kilbourn
17:20-18:00 Panel | Application Specific Sequencing
Moderator: Justin Drake
Panelists: Apriori, Dmarz, Hart Lambur, Ludwig

Breakout Sessions

MEV & Privacy Workshop - by Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach
MEV x AI (?) and more…

🇬🇧 1 day connecting blockchain builders & financial experts

🌐 100 attendees from around the world

📚 Technical talks & panel discussions

Registrations are open - see you there!

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