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{Session 4} Build a Career in Web3 - Create your own token on Ethereum

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We're happy to report, Session 3 of our series was a blast. We all coded and deployed tokens on Binance. 🔥

​In Session 4, we will help you create and launch your very first Ethereum token. Are you up for it? ⚡️

🔮 What are you going to learn?

  1. Intro to web3 and Ethereum Network

  2. A quick walkthrough of the content

  3. Writing your token smart contract

  4. Deploying your token on the Ethereum testnet

Note: this is a live and exclusive session, there will be no video recordings of it. We'd love it if you make a little time for it and come by!

💠 Additional activities and rewards

  • Career opportunities in web3

  • Questions & Answers

  • Exclusive NFT giveaway at the end of the session

️ 💻 Prerequisites

In order to keep the session exciting and fun, we do require you to do the following BEFORE you join the session. It's pretty easy and will save all of us time.

  1. Basics of any programming language

  2. A laptop with Zoom installed & a decent internet connection

🧑🏽‍💻 Who's teaching?

​Aswin Kumar is the Web3 Content Engineer in charge of creating this exciting project and he'll be walking everyone through how they make their Solana token.

​He recently taught a Polygon token course at the Istanbul Blockchain Week and also in {Session 1} of our live coding camp and wowed the learners when they all had their tokens in max 2 hours of starting together!

This one won't be any different. Come and see for yourself.

🚨 Don't forget to join our Discord before the session starts

​All questions & discussions during the session are done in the #coding-camp channel on our Discord 👉🏼

​Rarely do discussions take place in the Zoom chat box, so make sure you're set up 🎉

​Doing so will really keep you on track during the session and you will also be able to find like-minded frens to help you out if you're stuck.

​Once you follow the Discord link above, click on 🦄 emoji in #start-here channel upon joining. It will open up all channels to you.