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Metagov House @ ETH Denver - Collective Game Design and Governance

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Denver, Colorado
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Paul Gadi

Note: Case, from DAO DAO, will be taking Nathan Schneider's place for this event.

Metagov House @ ETH Denver Series

Join us for the Metagov House series at ETH Denver. We are hosting four discussions/workshops looking at:

  • Attention Governance,

  • DAO Constitutions and Amendability,

  • Games and Governance, and

  • Kinship-logics for DAOs

Event Brief

This workshop will take participants through a discussion and play-based exploration of collective design and governance of games.

Participants will hear talks from Paul and Nathan on attention surfaces and in-game organization, and break-out into groups to play a modified game of "We-Ness" and think together about questions like these:

  • What are our favorite games that explore collectivity? What do we appreciate about those games?

  • How might we design attention in collectively designed games? Would spaces, funnels, and tunnels be designed differently, and how so?

  • What organizing principles would we explore for collectively governed games? How would we make changes to these structures?

Please review the original version of We-Ness (Google Doc) before registering for this event to see if this is something you would like to participate in.