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Metagov House @ ETH Denver - DAO Constitutions and Amendability

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Denver, Colorado
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  • Eric Alston

  • Kaitlin Beegle

  • Theo Beutel

  • Gerrit Brügge

  • Nicolas Biagosch

Metagov House @ ETH Denver Series

Join us for the Metagov House series at ETH Denver. We are hosting four discussions/workshops looking at:

  • Attention Governance,

  • DAO Constitutions and Amendability,

  • Games and Governance, and

  • Kinship-logics for DAOs

Event Brief

While DAOs started as a decentralized way for individuals to organize loosely around common interests and goals, DAO Constitutions have recently emerged as a core feature for DAOs. By serving as a governing document, they set out the structure, purpose and direction of the organization.

While many authors favor the use of an eternity clause in their DAO Constitution to ensure that the original vision and goals of the DAO are preserved over time, others claim that such clause will prevent the DAO from adapting to changing circumstances.

In this workshop, we will explore the role of DAO constitutions in general and discuss the creation of amendable DAO constitutions. We will examine key considerations to keep in mind when drafting a constitutions, following examples of SAFE, Filecoin, and Q.

This workshop is intended for individuals who are involved in creating or managing a DAO and have a basic understanding of DAOs and blockchain technology. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of the importance of an amendable DAO constitution and will have gained practical insights into how to create and implement one.