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The superpower of the future: Adapting to uncertainty

Hosted by Mentora Institute
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The last couple of years have been unpredictable. We have moved from one crisis to another and it’s become increasingly difficult to navigate through these disruptive times. As organizations adapt and transform, employees are expected to stay agile and resilient, but many are finding it difficult to manage. They are often left overwhelmed by constant uncertainty. 

But what if there’s a way to cope more effectively with this stress? What if you could enable your team with the tools and knowledge required to overcome setbacks and stay motivated? 

Join world-renowned social psychologist, Dr. Heidi Grant, as she delves into how our brains respond to prolonged periods of stress (hint: not well). The webinar will equip you with scientifically-proven strategies that can help you and your team thrive — not just survive — even in uncertain times. 


Dr. Heidi Grant

Dr. Heidi Grant is a leading social cognitive psychologist specializing in the study of leadership, motivation, and performance. She is also Senior Advisor and Faculty at Mentora Institute. Heidi has written 5 bestselling books including Nine Things Successful People Do Differently. She received her PhD in social psychology from Columbia University where she now serves as Associate Director, Motivation Science Center.