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Acing new member onboarding to maximize community activation

Hosted by Priyanshu & 3 others
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The first touch is a great opportunity for community builders to delight members and activate them right when they join the community.

But when you're building larger communities, it can be difficult to manually personalize initial interactions which can take a toll on member engagement and eventually lead to more dormant members or churn.

Lucky for you, Steve Klein is here.

He's the Community Lead from LaunchNotes. They run a brilliant community - Launch Awesome, which is an invite-only Slack community of Product Managers and Marketers where you can exchange ideas, and discuss strategies, tactics, and protips that they can use to successfully build and launch great products.

Steve is here to talk about how he crafted an elaborate onboarding workflow which has evidently improved member activation, engagement, and more importantly, retention (and how Threado helped him with the same).

In the process, you will also learn -

🚀 How to screen, approve, and create a strong onboarding process for your community.

⚙️ How to create custom onboarding flows to onboard and nurture members, based on their interests to maximize activation.

🫂 How to use surveys and interactive touchpoints to understand your members better.

📚 How to leverage member interests to share relevant resources and drive more interactions.

📈 How to measure the impact of your onboarding workflows through engagement and retention metrics.

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