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Draw your perfect pitch… without having to draw at all

Hosted by Axelle Vanquaillie
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Only for start-up founders who dare to stand out.

Being a start-up founder since 2020, I have been many times out of my comfort zone… One of the scariest things I learned was PITCHING.

Conveying your message, your idea, in a few minutes? It always feels too short. Especially because these few minutes seems to determine your start-up’s future…right?

But today, it’s one of the things I like to do the most, because I noticed that my presentations stand out. The reason is because I’m using drawings to convey my story*.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘’yes, but I can’t draw!’’ No worries… It’s for you that we developed Drawify.

 And because you are a start-up (and we are too, so we ‘feel’ you), we are happy to help you for free. Join our 60-minute workshop: ‘How to draw your perfect pitch’.

Learn how to create a visual that tells your brilliant start-up story in a blink of an eye. By attending the workshop, you’ll get two months full-option free access to Drawify.

Are you ready to stand out? See you in one of our Start-up workshops.

(*That is no coincidence of course, because that’s also what my start-up is all about :) )