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🧠 GenAI Collective 🧠 Silicon Valley Meetup 9/28

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Mountain View, California
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​Join the community for an evening of enlightening AI discussion as our "living room discussion" series returns to our Silicon Valley home base! 🏑

​This is not your normal networking event. Each meetup is designed to maximize the number of new people you will meet and meaningful conversations you will have. Expect to find your next cofounder, investment, or great idea right here! Trust us – this is something you will not want to miss πŸ˜„

​As always, plenty of food, drink, and incredible company will be provided!

​​​The GenAI Collective is a growing community of 4,000+ founders, funders, and thought leaders built around a shared passion for generative AI. Our tight-knit collective brings together visionaries with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to exchange ideas and perspectives, fostering friendship and community. Together, we are at the forefront of catalyzing innovation and defining the direction of AI.

​​​What is GenAI? How is the industry evolving? Where do the opportunities lie? How do we position ourselves to capitalize? What ethical concerns remain? Are we on the path to AGI?