Sufficient Capital Open House

Aug 7 (Sat), 4:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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Event Information

โ€‹At Sufficient Capital, we aim to bring access to the founders and companies ushering forth the next generation of digital commerce in Africa to our community of explorers and investors. Here is your chance to meet us and make some new friends.

โ€‹Join us for a virtual open house filled with conversation and fun. Meet the DFS Lab team behind Sufficient Capital, the members of SC, and learn more about how you can start investing with us.

โ€‹Some things we'll talk about:

  • โ€‹What are the key trends when it comes to digital commerce in Africa?

  • โ€‹How do different sectors like fintech and logistics play a role?

  • โ€‹Who are some interesting companies in the space?

  • โ€‹Which business models have seen considerable traction, and why?

โ€‹Members, founders, and those exploring African digital commerce are all welcome. Bring a friend or show up solo. This event is virtual and held on Discord.

โ€‹See you Saturday, August 7!

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