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Meet MobileCoin: Weekly Community Call & AMA

Hosted by Colin Lowenberg & 8 others
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Join us this week for a very special Meet MobileCoin with science fiction author, blogger and activist Cory Doctorow! Cory has written dozens of books including the bestselling Little Brother and the critically acclaimed How To Destroy Surveillance Capitalism. Cory is joining us this week to continue the conversation started on our podcast, Privacy is the New Celebrity, and will discuss a wide range of topics from anti-trust law to secure hardware in computing to Cory's years-long activism fighting for transparency and accountability in tech.

We have one session this week at 9 AM PDT / 6 PM CET. See you Wednesday!

About MobileCoin
MobileCoin is digital cash in your pocket. You get global end-to-end encrypted payments in five seconds or less on a cell phone. It is the only mobile-first, planet friendly and low cost payments platform built from the ground up for true digital cash, with all the benefits of physical cash. Our cryptocurrency is safe, fast, compliant and easy to transact with on any phone across the world. Finally, usable digital cash without compromise. 

MobileCoin is democratizing digital payments, guided by the belief that secure and encrypted transactions are a right and that you deserve a choice. Our digital cash is built on a new blockchain, an opaque ledger, and cryptographically protected transactions, so your data and money are safe.

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