Cover Image for Personalentwicklung im Wandel: L&D Strategies for a Complex World

Personalentwicklung im Wandel: L&D Strategies for a Complex World

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[Please note: This edition of our meet-up will be in English 🇬🇧]

Navigating the New Normal: L&D Strategies for a Complex World

📚 We're excited to welcome Karen Ellis, the co-author of "Upgrade: Building your capacity for complexity", to our upcoming meet-up. Karen's book delves deeply into understanding and enhancing our internal 'operating system' to help us broaden our perspectives and effectively navigate complex scenarios.

⏳ In a time where individuals and businesses face an accelerating pace of change, Karen's insights—gained from three decades in organisational and leadership development—are more important than ever. She emphasises the need to shift from mere skill acquisition to fostering holistic growth in employees. This ensures that they are not only prepared for today's tasks but are also resilient and innovative in the face of tomorrow's challenges.

🎓 For us as an L&D professional, this meet-up offers a fresh lens on designing training programs and strategies that go beyond traditional methods and truly prepare our people for the challenges that lie ahead.

💬 As usual, we’ll ensure that there’s room for your questions and exchange within the group.

See you soon,