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MDMA-assisted therapy for mental health professionals: Introductory training

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WELCOME to this online training hosted by Ivar Goksøyr, a certified MDMA-assisted therapist and researcher with direct experience as both a therapist and participant in clinical trials on MDMA-assisted therapy.

Recordings will be made available for those who cannot make the live sessions

This training is equivalent to the training given in March/April. 87 people attended. The mean rating from a total number of 70 ratings was 4.9 out of 5 stars:

"It was an amazing training! I found it truly wholesome especially when Ivar shared his experience with us. Very moving and relatable"

"A lot of useful information delivered in a very engaging format"

"Beautiful and important lectures"

Full time students get 70% off by applying "STUDENTS" coupon. If you are coming from a low-income country or have other financial problems and are passionate about this field, please send us an email and we will provide a discount.


The first lecture will cover fundamentals: Main lessons from early pioneers, underground practitioners, experimental and clinical studies: History, rationale, theoretical underpinnings and empirical status on risks and benefits. What can we learn from MDMA-assisted therapy?

The second lecture will cover hands-on aspects: Far too often, the therapeutic potential of MDMA-assisted therapy is not fully released. We will demonstrate the most important differences between clinical use and informal therapeutic use and where the potential of deeper healing gets lost. Is MDMA the most underestimated therapeutic tool there is? Since it more easily than the other psychedelics can be used recreationally?

Moreover: Who are good candidates and who should think twice? How to prepare for, navigate in and integrate the altered state in a way that maximizes benefit and minimize risks?

The third lecture will bring us into the therapy room itself. How does MDMA-assisted therapy look like? Several videoclips from actual MDMA-assisted therapy sessions will be used. The presenters own therapy sessions will be shown and a range of clinical phenomena will be illustrated. Patterns that may be particularly true for helpers of all kind will be exposed and discussed.

Taken together, you will get the evidence-based knowledge and skills you need to support your patients, bring back fruits to your own clinical practice and get a better sense of the potential benefits for yourself, your career and those you care about.

Watching tapes of deep inner process in another also has the potential to touch you deeply and maybe learn a thing or two about yourself.

Ivar W. Goksøyr is a specialist in clinical Psychology and the founder of Psykologvirke, a leading mental health clinic in Norway.

Ivar is a psychedelic researcher and therapist, associated with the Norwegian psychedelic research unit Psykforsk since 2018. He is a certified MDMA-assisted psychotherapist and received MDMA-assisted psychotherapy himself, as part of this training.

He has been a therapist in several clinical trials on MDMA, including the worlds first trial looking into MDMA-AT for depression.

Ivar collaborates with several national and international research units on new studies. He has published both scientifically and popularly on the subject, in addition to presenting at international conferences on psychotherapy in general and psychedelic therapy in particular.

Ivar also has experience with psychedelic integration therapy for people receiving treatment with ketamine, is trained in psilocybin-assisted therapy and has previously been a consultant and adherence rater for Compass Pathways. He has administered psilocybin to subjects in the world's largest study on the effects of psilocybin on healthy volunteers.

He has been a guest on a number of podcasts and has lectured on psychedelic therapy nationally and internationally.

More information about Psykologvirke here.