Cover Image for WDAI March Real Talk Huddle
Cover Image for WDAI March Real Talk Huddle
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WDAI March Real Talk Huddle

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About Event

Accessing the Huddle: We host these monthly sessions right in Slack Huddles. To access, jump into the Slack workspace, and head to the #events channel at this time. When the event starts, you'll see a huddle started in that channel that you should be able to click and join.

Why Huddles? Real talk sessions were created as just an informal way for the community to come together. Huddles makes this easy for anyone to join throughout the hour (no need to be "on time" or "stay") and defaults as audio-first/only, so doesn't feel like "a virtual meeting".

Real Talk Sessions are free form community sessions with no agenda. The purpose is to create space, encourage listening, and provide an opportunity to connect with other members here.

Use this time together, however is most valuable to you today.
Come as you — whether you need to be camera on/off, whether you want to speak or not, whether you are still sweating from that afternoon workout or polished from that event earlier.

Ground Rules: as always
•  Create space for folks to share- We don’t have to agree but at least understand where folks are coming from
• It’s up to you to make the ask…tell us what you need from this session

Hosted By
12 Going