Cover Image for De-Mystifying the McKinsey Interview
Cover Image for De-Mystifying the McKinsey Interview
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De-Mystifying the McKinsey Interview

Hosted by Free Leland Events & Erika Mahterian
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Thinking of applying to McKinsey, but don’t know what to expect or how to prepare? Join this event to get an overview of a McKinsey style interview to include both the case and PEI, as well as tips to stand out!

In this event, coach Alex S. will be walking through a McKinsey case and break down the best strategies and tips for your response using the rubric as a guide. Alex is a former Accenture and McKinsey consultant, and has plenty of experience working as a recruiting lead for McKinsey. He has coached 100+ people on consulting case interview prep with a high rate of success for MBB offers.

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367 Going