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MCJ Learning Sprint: Fashion's Future - Threading the global journey of your wardrobe!

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Jump into 3 week facilitated learning with 15 other MCJ members!

Ever feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn about ‘climate’? Never know which resources are worth your time, and which will waste your time? Keen to meet others interested in similar topics? Want short, energetic bursts of group learning to keep you engaged and excited?

MCJ Learning Sprints are designed to bring members together around one central topic every month, via 10-15 diverse resources curated by an expert.

About this sprint:

Fashion's Future - Threading the global journey of your wardrobe!

In this learning sprint we’ll take a journey along the life cycle of the clothes in your wardrobe. From the materials used, to who made them, whether we should even buy them, and how we can stop them from ending up in landfill - it will be a fascinating two weeks threading together globalisation, human rights, material innovation, circularity, consumption and so much more.

What's involved in a Learning Sprint?

  • 2 facilitators to guide you through the sprint, help you navigate the topic, curate the resources and answer any questions you have.

  • 3 group calls on three consecutive Fridays, totalling 2 hours 15 minutes.

  • 10-15 resources, presented in a workbook. You work through these in your own time, and then we come together to discuss. Resources will have varying styles, perspectives, sources and lengths → you pick which ones you do, we ask for a minimum of 2 to be completed.

  • 15 MCJ members, learning about one shared topic, and together in a private slack channel within the MCJ community.

  • 1 final presentation → you pick a resource you’ve enjoyed, and create a short summary to share with the group in the final call. Each presentation will be 3 minutes, max.

How long is each session?

Whilst this event series shows it's 1 hour for each session, it's actually:

  • Session 1: 3rd October - 45 minutes

  • Session 2: 10th October - 30 minutes

  • Session 3: 17th October - 1 hour

Our promise:

  • We take a solutions-focused approach, and seek to be inspired.

  • We know that consuming content isn’t the goal, understanding something new is. That looks different for everybody.

  • We plan to tackle climate overwhelm by learning together and supporting each other’s journey.

How do you sign up?

Register for this series! We ask that you participate in at least 2 of the 3 sessions. Your registration to this event series will confirm your participation, and we'll then be in touch to add you to the private slack channel when the sprint kicks off.

You need to be a MCJ slack community member to participate. If you have any questions, message Leone in the MCJ slack.

Can't make this sprint, or don't want to learn this topic, but wish to be in the loop for the future? Let us know here.

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