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At the heart of the country, MBC is the access point between the industry and previously untapped University programs and talent. It represents a coalition between 12 Blockchain programs - U of Michigan, U of Wisconsin, U of Minnesota, Northwestern, U of Chicago, Michigan State, Indiana U, U of Illinois, Rutgers, Purdue, U of Maryland, Vanderbilt

​👥 Connecting Top Talent with Leading Companies

If you’re a student or faculty member interested in the blockchain industry, this is your opportunity to dive in. This November, meet dozens of teams looking to hire, VCs looking to invest and thought leaders looking to teach bright, hungry learners such as yourself.

If you’re an industry professional looking to hire or build a user base, this is your opportunity to grow. MBC is your stage to market to over 200+ students and over a dozen University programs that have previously been difficult to access. Be one of the few to leave a lasting impression in the heartland.

​🎓 The University of Michigan Ross School of Business

​Located in the vibrant city of Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is a prestigious institution known for its cutting-edge research and innovation. The Ross School of Business has been at the forefront in financial and entrepreneurial education in the midwest. The University's commitment to fostering a thriving student community in the blockchain space makes it the ideal venue for this transformative conference.

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​🤝 About The Organizers

​🔹 Michigan Blockchain is the premier blockchain club at the University of Michigan. Consisting of educational programs, governance and consulting services, and an investment fund, it prepares students to excel in multiple areas of the industry.

​🔹 Michigan Ross Business + Tech is building a stronger and more connected tech community at U-M and beyond. It holds a shared vision of supporting a community of students, faculty, and industry leaders contributing to the goal of making blockchain tech accessible for all.

​🔹 ​​​​College DAO is the largest and fastest-growing network building education infrastructure to integrate Web3 at 100+ universities worldwide. We bridge the gap between students, higher education, and blockchain protocols to cultivate the talent pool in Web3 for the next decade.

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