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An introduction to iteration - full day session



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Iteration is a cycle of development that helps us move from problem to solution through testing our assumptions from our understanding of the problem to the solution so that we can refine our ideas and create something that works.

What you will learn from the sessions:

  • ​What iteration means and how it can help you and your organisation

  • ​How to use the different stages of the cycle and when

  • ​How to test your assumptions and measure success

​For this session you will need to be comfortable using Google Sheets or Excel, and have some confidence in joining online meetings.

​​Session level: Beginner to intermediate

​​Attendee limit: 20

Cost: To ensure that this event is accessible to people working in charities of all sizes bursaries are available for those that are unable to afford the ticketed price of £100. Please email [email protected] for more information about our discounted spaces.

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