[Donor Participation] Marketing Automation Study Group

Wed, Jul 21, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM UTC


This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

Event Information

Sponsored by ThankView.

June 23 (12:00 pm EDT) - INFO session - Marketing Automation Study Group

What is marketing automation? How can it help you provide a better donor experience and save time with reporting/analysis? Join this DPP Breakout session for a brief introduction to marketing automation strategies and software tools.

June 30 (12:00 pm EDT) - Automate Your Donor Experience Workflows with ThankView

Join JD Beebe, CEO of ThankView, and his team to build integrations that will take your donor experience to another level. Trigger a video message after getting a phonathon call? Add donors who watch a video message to a personalized outreach list? No problem! We'll learn together how to build these workflows and others using Zapier and the ThankView API. (Free trial of ThankView included for DPP participants who schedule a training session.)

July 14 (12:00 pm EDT) - Automated Solicitation and Upgrade Strategies with Nic Prenger

Learn how to use MS Power Automate to integrate with your CRM and customize donor stewardship messaging, We will work through examples of building personalized chaser messages and upgrade invites to one-time donors over to monthly/recurring.

July 21 (12:00 pm EDT) - Final Project Presentation

Each participant will build their own workflow and share it with the group! We'll then ruthlessly criticize each other's work (just joking!) and celebrate our progress.


About: The Donor Participation Project (DPP) convenes fundraising professionals who are concerned about the nationwide decline in donor participation (20 million US households lost between 2000-2016). 

We believe this can be solved by changing our fundraising practices and want to learn from peers who are moving the participation needle.