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To Sing or Not to Sing? The performer's guide to managing illness and performance demands



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When a singer becomes ill, the stakes can be high, and medical management by a laryngologist isn’t always a realistic option. This predicament leaves many questions without obvious answers. How can a singer know if it is reasonable to proceed with performance during an unwelcomed upper respiratory illness or other issue impacting voice production? Are there strategies to promote safer performance in the setting of mild illness? What can be done to optimize vocal efficiency during and after a performance? This presentation will provide a general framework for singers and teachers highlighting some practical strategies and guard rails to help navigate the predicament that every singer finds themselves in at some point in their singing groups.

About Marci

Marci Daniels Rosenberg, BM, MS CCC-SLP - Marci is a singer, speech pathologist and clinical singing voice specialist, as well as a published vocal pedagogy researcher. She has worked clinically for almost 20 years at The University of Michigan, Vocal Health Center specializing in the rehabilitation of injured voices. Additionally, she serves as the on-site vocal health consultant to the Department of Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan. Marci teaches workshops and lectures nationally and internationally on vocal health and wellness, managing vocal injuries in the vocal athlete, and application of kinesiology principals to voice therapy and singing voice rehabilitation.


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