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Cover Image for sundays: mar 24, 2024
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sundays: mar 24, 2024

Hosted by Jade Franson & 5 others
Past Event
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sundays@usc is like getting feral at some game day tailgate except we're not at a tailgate and we're actually just some friendly people sitting at a table on our laptops. disclaimer: you can work on anything, as long as it’s something you’re passionate about! at the end, we’ll open up the space for people to show off what they worked on :)


​1-1:15 PM - introduction & icebreakers!

​1:15-4:15 PM- pomodoro based deep work. 50:10 min

​4:15-5PM - show and tell (what you did & what you learned)

​if y'all want to stay and continue working, please do!

  • ​please arrive on-time / coffee & green tea will most likely be available

  • ​bring snacks! not necessary, but helps fight the sunday scaries + fuels a productive sesh :)

what is this?

​we have more creative talent than any school in the country. so, welcome USC's (lowkey) ode to socratica except its on the best coast, west coast.

​live co-working session hosted every Sunday to bring together passionate creatives and builders to do whatever they're doing that isn't school. it's time carved out for deep work, giving you space to finally work on the project you've always been itching to start. we're a safe space to demo, eat food, receive feedback, find inspiration, make new friends, and explore your intellectual curiosities!

who's it for?

​makers, artists, filmmakers, learners, researchers, and founders. If you are writing a world-shattering screenplay, laboring on your next piece of art, building the next moonshot company, or shipping that side-project, come!

​fight on fam ✌️ see you on sunday!

Hub Los Angeles Coliseum
3800 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037, USA
22 Going