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Managing Your Manager

Hosted by Stoa 🦁
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When people say the words "managing up" they often think of incompetent managers with whom they can’t stand to work. Always micromanaging, giving vague feedback, and forcing you to work overtime. But managing up isn't about trying to "fix" a bad manager.

Managing up is about building a better relationship with good managers to bring out the best in you as an employee.

Sounds good, but how do you start? And will your boss embrace these changes?

In this workshop Raj (Co-Founder, Stoa) will share tips and strategies on managing up so you can be a top performer. By the end of this session you will learn:

  1. Why companies need managers

  2. The different operating styles managers have

  3. Their incentives and what makes them and you successful

  4. How to give and get feedback

  5. Navigate through friction and make it work for you