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Making a Life: The Conversation—with Special Guest Jeanette Sloan

Hosted by Melanie Falick
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Please join host Melanie Falick and special guest Jeanette Sloan for an intimate Zoom conversation about making by hand as a pathway to wellness and fulfillment, diversity in the fiber arts community, and their work together on MODERN DAILY KNITTING FIELD GUIDE 15: OPEN, which features five of Jeanette's designs.

ABOUT THE GUESTJEANETTE SLOAN is a British knitwear designer who lives in the city of Brighton and Hove, on the south coast of England. Her multifaceted career has included designing hand- and machine-knit and embroidered fabrics for ready-to-wear; creating patterns and yarns for handknitters; owning and managing a yarn shop; and making her own label ready-to-wear accessories. She's written for a number of publications, including the UK's Knitting Magazine where she hosted the "Ask Jeanette" and "A to Z of Techniques" columns and, most recently, wrote "Black People Do Knit" and "A Colorful Debate." In Spring 2020, Jeanette launched, an online resource portal that amplifies and celebrates the work of black, indigenous, and people of color in the fiber industry. Instagram: @jeanettesloan Website:

ABOUT THE HOSTMELANIE FALICK is an independent writer, editor, and creative director—and a lifelong maker. She is the author, most recently, of MAKING A LIFE: WORKING BY HAND AND DISCOVERING THE LIFE YOU ARE MEANT TO LIVE, named one of the best books of 2019 by Publishers Weekly magazine. Instagram: @melaniefalick Website:

ABOUT OUR BOOKSELLING PARTNERFor this special event, MDK FIELD GUIDE 15: OPEN and MAKING A LIFE will both be available through our bookselling partner Copies of MAKING A LIFE will include a handmade card from Melanie for as long as supplies last. MDK cofounder Kay Gardiner will join us for the Conversation.

ABOUT MAKING A LIFE: THE CONVERSATIONMaking a Life: The Conversation is a new online and in-person conversation series developed by Melanie Falick, author of MAKING A LIFE: WORKING BY HAND AND DISCOVERING THE LIFE YOU ARE MEANT TO LIVE. The goal is to bring together friends, old and new, to generate thought- and action-provoking discussions about why making by hand and making the ordinary extraordinary are vital to our personal, community, and environmental wellness.

NOTES If for any reason you have difficulty signing on to Zoom, please join us on the Making a Life Facebook Page.

All registered guests will receive a link to a recording of the event on Zoom a few days after it happens (assuming the technology works as it should).