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Transforming Data into Action: A Guide to Stakeholder-Friendly Presentations

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Norman Rodriguez is a data scientist based in Colombia. He has years of experience across the public and private sectors, working on high impact projects that resulted in the betterment of businesses and people all across Colombia.

A lot of this has come down to his ability to customize his messaging to stakeholders to be actionable and engaging. He joins us for this session to teach the next generation of data talent all about his tips and strategies for effective communication that results in action.

Even if you can't make it to the live session, and want us to send you a recording, please register for the session!

Who should attend?

  • This IS FOR early-career data professionals and students who want a career in data

  • This IS FOR people transitioning into data from other functions

  • This IS NOT FOR late-career data professionals but we believe everyone can always learn something new. So if you are a lifelong learner, please join us!

​About Founder Pakistan

Founder Pakistan, the team behind this event is a talent-focused community. The team's core focus is on helping connect startups and talent.

​This is one of many planned AMAs and Workshops across functions (product management, marketing, data, engineering, etc) so keep an eye out on the event calendar.