Mahmoud Aitelkatab

Co-founder Areej Fragrance, writing • CEO @espacelogistique • I help people leverage passion-led projects and build a community

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💻 Credentials

I'm currently the Founder and Head of Community at

Prior to that, I was the Social Media Manager at and helped grow its sales and social.

Also currently uncle of Micho The Cat! 😺

My work has been featured on Fueler so far and soon on Product Hunt and Geneva.

On top of all this, I also do workshops on community intelligence and building entrepreneurial communities.

If you want to reach out about:

💫 Community as a Service

💫 Community Intelligence Workshop

💫 Content Creation

💫 Product Review

Shoot me a DM on Twitter!

👂 Story Time

I help creative entrepreneurs and community builders grow their audiences and businesses through social media and community marketing.

Hello, I’m Mahmoud aka "praiseworthy". I’m a maker, community solutionist, and content strategist based in Casablanca. If You’re searching for copy, UX writing, content strategy, community strategy, or most things in between – in Arabic, French, and English – search no more.

At the Afterwork Lab, people’s life and business events turn good stories into great ones that seduce, inspire and convert. Since 2013, I’ve been adding words to brands and experiences and bringing stories to life. For whom?

Renowned brands including Bayt Oman, Areej Brands, and others.

I currently work as the founder of Espace Logistique. Through Espace Logistique, we run one of the largest online logistics and supply chain communities in the French spoken countries, “Village Logistique” on Geneva.

I’m passionate about community-driven organic social media marketing, and love helping brands across industries produce good content to attract the modern consumer.

In my free time, I really love eating pizza, reviewing great food around Moroccan cities, reading, and making playlists of my favorite music and movies.

Favourite videos

Want To Be a Millionaire? You Need To Become a WORKAHOLIC - Gary Vaynerchuk Motivation
Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love (Live on KEXP)
can't take my eyes off you (cover)