Cover Image for QLD AI Hub Mackay AI Open Day
Cover Image for QLD AI Hub Mackay AI Open Day

QLD AI Hub Mackay AI Open Day

Hosted by Queensland AI Hub
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Join Chapter Director Gavan in Mackay for the QLD AI Hub Mackay AI Open Day! The day will consist of many displays and presentations and will include the Digital Literacy Licence Program.

Workshop 1 (3 hours) 9am - 12pm
Beyond ChatGPT: AI Creativity for Small Business Success

Join us for an interactive session on how generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) can supercharge your small business. Learn about the latest techniques like image, text and video generation that make it easy to quickly create new marketing materials, product prototypes and more. We'll demonstrate real tools you can start using today to generate social media posts, website content, graphics and even simple videos without design or coding skills. Discover how small businesses across industries have harnessed the power of AI creativity to boost sales, cut costs and gain a competitive edge. Leave equipped with practical strategies for applying generative AI to your unique business needs and goals. 

Lunch is provided 12pm - 1pm

Workshop 2 (3 hours) 1pm - 4pm
The Art of Prompt Writing

Thinking of using Generative AI but are overwhelmed by prompts or ending up with mediocre results? In this hands-on workshop, we'll demystify the prompt and show you how to craft targeted requests that produce precisely what you need. Learn best practices for composing clear, detailed prompts that guide AI systems to understand your intentions and generate high-quality, on-brand outputs. Discover how subtle changes to wording, context and examples can significantly impact results. Leave equipped with proven prompt templates and a framework for writing prompts that consistently deliver for your business needs. 

Registrations are essential so make sure to get in quick!

Split Spaces
Building 4, Level 2/92 Sydney St, Mackay QLD 4740, Australia