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MaC VC Annual Meeting Invitation

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2023 | Los Angeles, CA

The MaC VC team is excited to welcome you to our Annual General Meeting, which is taking place during LA Tech Week! Throughout the day, you'll have opportunities to learn more about what we've accomplished at MaC, to hear from and interact with several of our portfolio company founders, and to network with each other.  We’ll end the experience with Culture House, which is a uniquely fun and entertaining experience that brings together some of the premier creatives, startups, entertainers, athletes, and executives for the purpose of sparking new partnerships and engaging in captivating conversations. See below for a high level schedule and visit for a a detailed view of the day's events.


Closed Session for LPs
9am - 11am

11:30am - 1:30pm

Culture House
1:30pm - 8pm

*Portfolio Company Presentations, Fireside Chats and Panel Discussions Open to Founders, Investors, Prospective and Current LPs