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Values and the Work of Netcentric Campaigns

Hosted by Martin Kearns
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About Event

Discussing the values that animate our work and help insure success in network building.

Here is what we will cover together:

We often are pulled into issues that are facing problems that no single organization can solve. We approach the work in a unique set of ways.​

​We work building networks. We are working to support network builders and help unleash network effects that can drive social change.​

Network success creates issue success. Done well, networks are the bonds and ties among people across movements that open new pathways for innovation, better use of resources, great works, and swarming.​

​Our experience suggests that approaching network building requires skills and special deft touch. Our contribution is not just about what we do, but also how we do it.​

​Netcentric Campaigns culture, staff, and Board operations are rooted in five core values summarized as: Supportive | Professional | Innovative | Cheerful | Empathetic (SPICE). These values shape how we do our work, they guide our prioritization of actions and our projects.​

​This online meeting is for fellows, partners, Board, and staff to dig deeper into the discussion of the values. We will discuss the ways values are exhibited in our work (internally and externally) and why they are essential to us and our partners.