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[FREE Masterclass] The Ultimate Secret to Supercharge Your Tech Business with the Hidden Truth Revealed from Your People in 30 Days

Hosted by Cristina Imre
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Masterclass for Growth-Stage Tech Business (Co)Founders & CEOs by Cristina Imre

The recession is knocking on the door. Like in any cycle of its kind in history, there are the winners and the losers. The preparation phase is undergoing right now. That's nothing new, but what you do today determines which group you'll belong to.

You have so much on your plate that sometimes, missing crucial aspects from the insight of your startup can lead to disasters that were lurking in the background unnoticed.

How terrifying it can be for you, as a founder, with a market to serve and funds/revenue in the bank, to see your dream vanish because of your employees..., because of the unknowns. 

How to handle what you don't know?

Not to mention, you have some awesome tech to build, overview, promote, and sell while scaling the business, and so, people issues are many times the last thing on your mind.

*And if you are the technical (co)founder too, then I double emphasize. It's even harder for you.

·         You have your own mental health to keep in check.

·         Your road is lonely, but you cannot make it without your people.

·         Sometimes you just want to breathe and nothing else.  

Unfortunately, now, more than ever, it’s vital to understand what’s going on with your business and what you really have inside. Times are interesting, to say the least. In the tech world, competition has become intense, and funds are increasingly scrutinized.

Knowing your strength and especially weaknesses can make or break your future. This is no joke.

The key to your outcomes lies in your people, but it gets tricky knowing how to retrieve the truth and what to look for.

Information is only relevant when:

1) it's accurate;

2) you know how to interpret it;

3) you know what to do with it.

Once capital and market are there, your number 1 to 3 concerns must be your people.

This is where the Masterclass comes into play and changes the game for you.

(The amount of valuable and actionable information you’ll gain will astonish you and open a new way of seeing your company and potential.)

If you’re currently running a growth-stage business (or above) with remote teams, this is one of those events you don’t want to miss out on.

It’s an exclusive session with limited seats that can fill up anytime. It would be a smart move to register right now and make sure you’re in for an eye-opening Masterclass with many surprises and perks.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

The best 90 minutes of your time this year!



1. Brief background stories

Short version, just to know why I am qualified for this topic.  

2. Revelation

What’s at stake if you have people issues or you don’t even know what’s going on internally.

You’ll see a long list of hidden problems that linger unaltered inside startups and the owners have no idea about them. Any of these can destroy your startup if left to breed.

Some of the frequent ones I find:

·         Free riders ($24,000 - $36,000 wasted money per employee/year)

·         Toxic environment creators and effective saboteurs (with or without their knowledge). Toxic hires cost $12,500 per employee but the consequences can run into the millions for the company. Leaders who wait to contain toxic damage risk losing everything (Harvard Research)

·         Workplace conflicts and hidden frustrations that drive zero productivity (Employees experiencing conflicts translate into 9% time off, 8%, 5% resignations, 3% fires)

·         A completely different internal culture than the company thinks it has or promotes

·         Lack of engagement (a min. of $18,700 per employee/year)

·         Misplaced employees (great potential, wrong position)

·         Personal problems that are not handled or supported by the company (this translates most often than not into chronic mental health conditions)

3. The secret recipe to flip the cards

How you can unhide the truth, gain reliable clarity, and what to do next. My recipe was perfected during 18 years of working with businesses of all sizes in over twenty industries.

4. Short break to shake the Zoom fatigue, take some steps, visit the bathroom, or make an urgent call.

5. Extras

The best ingredients (tools) for the highest results.

6. Grand Slam Offer (if you want everything done for you) – Unfortunately, very limited because it's not scalable in the foreseeable future. Sorry for that!

Including free bonuses: $28,500+ in value.

*Only 4 spots available for July and August.

7. Q&A and Networking

Opportunity to ask specific questions and meet your peers at the same level as you with similar dreams and nightmares. We might even create a private support group together.


Action takers and change-makers, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Cristina Imre - The Founder Coach who gets you and takes your success to heart!

(Nicknamed: People Reader, Sherlock Holmes, Secret Weapon, The No-BS Coach)