Cover Image for Become a Magnetic Leader with Jess (Jan 23)
Cover Image for Become a Magnetic Leader with Jess (Jan 23)

Become a Magnetic Leader with Jess (Jan 23)

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Do you wish you could cultivate influence effortlessly? In this dynamic workshop, you'll learn the formula to not only amplify your influence but also stand in your power & make your mark in the workplace. 

As a Chief of Staff, maybe you've faced the hurdles of having your contributions overlooked, your insights undervalued or maybe you even had to fight to just to have a seat at the table. This workshop is about flipping the script - it’s time to own the table.

You will learn: 

  • The 3 keys to Executive Presence 

  • The formula to effortless influence that feels natural, and utterly compelling

  • How to get colleagues to not only listen to your words but follow them

  • The 5 questions for converting challenging employees or bosses into productive allies 

About your speaker, Jess Goldberg

Jess Goldberg is a leadership communication expert, executive presence coach, and international speaker. She has taught thousands of high-powered executives and managers from companies like Google, Bank of America, and Dawn Foods to innovative startups backed by leading venture capitalists like Y Combinator. She teaches a course at Columbia University for graduate students called “The Compelling Communicator.” Her course for the public, “Management Mastery: Communicate with Influence,” is a top-rated live leadership course. With over a decade of managing teams at a fast-growing Series C startup in AI Robotics, a global media network, and a Fortune 100 Company, she's navigated the same terrain many leaders face.

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