Cover Image for Experience is Key: The Future of Web3 User Interactions
Cover Image for Experience is Key: The Future of Web3 User Interactions
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Experience is Key: The Future of Web3 User Interactions

Hosted by Match Chain
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Welcome to the one and only immersive tech experience you will get in Dubai!

Join us for a multi-sensory event in downtown Dubai to explore Decentralized Identifiers (DID), tokenizing on-chain relationships, AI-driven UX optimisation and the view of the Burj Khalifa!

Date: April 18th
Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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We're thrilled to reveal our opening panel, "Navigating Web3 User Acquisition: How to Onboard the First Million Users." This panel will feature insightful discussions led by our esteemed lineup of Web3 veterans.

🌐 Sunny Parikh of Reflexive Capital, a visionary in blockchain investments.

📈 Gleb Kostarev, the mind behind and former VP at Binance. 

💡 Diana Dai of Binance, leading strategies for expansive user growth. 

🚀 Alex Kruger, economist and a prominent thought leader in web3.

And Moderated by Ismail, Our Head of Growth at Match Chain. 

For our second panel session, we're taking a deep dive into the heart of the Match Chain Ecosystem.

We'll be joined by our partners and collaborators — pioneers and leaders from projects that have joined Match Hub and its mission.


Jun from INTOverse, the pioneer behind the first Social Graph project hosted on Match Chain.

Zad from OpenCred 

Fabian from digibuy

Alan from Phantom Arena.

We will explore the versatile applications inside the Match Hub  across various sectors, including e-commerce, gaming, and finance, highlighting its utility and impact, and moderated by our veery own Petrix Barbosa, CEO at Match Chain!

Wrapping up our event, our final panel dives into a key Web3 hurdle: seamlessly integrating users into the Web3 ecosystem.

We've curated a lineup of top-tier speakers from diverse backgrounds to shed light on how AI and user experience play crucial roles in simplifying Web3 onboarding.

Panel: "Delivering the Best UX in Web3: Why AI is More Than Just a Buzzword."


Marian, a pioneering founding member of the Ethereum Foundation; LYS Co-founder.

Tomasz Wojewoda, former BNB Chain Head of Growth and founder of The Tomek Group.

Quinten, a best selling author and founder. 

Zoe Wei, ex. Binance Labs, a leader in BNB Chain Innovation.

Moderated by Jessie, Head of Business Development at Match Chain. 

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