Cover Image for Africa's Women's Day Celebration 2024| Invest in Education for Climate Resilience
Cover Image for Africa's Women's Day Celebration 2024| Invest in Education for Climate Resilience

Africa's Women's Day Celebration 2024| Invest in Education for Climate Resilience

Hosted by Africa's Women's Day
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Event Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2024

​​Event Time: 17:00 - 20:00 (5 PM - 8 PM) CAT/GMT+2

​​Theme: "Invest in Education for Climate Resilience: Celebrating African Women Leading the Climate Change Revolution."

About Africa’s Women's Day:

​Do you know that Africa’s Women's Day has been in existence since 1962?

​​Do you know that before America had its First female Vice President (after over 244 years of independence), Africa already had 26 Female presidents and Prime ministers?

​​Do you know that Africa had its first Prime Minister (Honourable Elisabeth Domitien, from 1975-1976) before Britain had Margret Thatcher?

​​The Africa's Women's Day Awareness Team (AWD) focuses on raising more awareness about Africa's Women's Day and spotlighting the legacy of African Women, recognizing their visionary, bold, pioneering historical achievements and contribution to Africa and the world at large.​

​Africa’s Women's Day was proclaimed as a day to be commemorated during the first conference of the Pan-African Women’s Organisation (PAWO) which was held in July 1962 in Dar es Salaam Tanganyika (now known as Tanzania). It offers a national, continental, and global opportunity to recall and affirm the significant role of African women in the evolution of a strong Pan-African identity, with shared values, objectives, and vision for the future, as well as women being key contributors towards achieving Africa’s inclusive growth and sustainable development agenda anchored in the African Union (AU) vision of an integrated prosperous and peaceful Africa.

​​PAWO - the specialized agency of the African Union dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment, is a representative organization of women on the African continent with five regional offices in all 55 Member States of the African Union.

​​Its objectives, amongst others, are:

  • ​To strive to achieve effective and responsible participation of African women in the socio-economic and cultural development of Africa;

  • ​To pursue the struggle for the representation of women at decision-making levels;

  • ​To fight for women’s empowerment and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

About Africa’s Women's Day Awareness Celebration 2024:      

How much do you know about Climate Change and its effects?

Aligning with the Pan African Women’s Organization’s (PAWO) theme, “Invest in Education: Securing the Future of Women and Girls in Africa.” We recognize education's transformative power in empowering women and girls, shaping their future, and fostering a sustainable continent. This complements the African Union's 2024 Year of Education theme, “Educate an African Fit for the 21st Century: Building Resilient Education Systems for Increased Access to Inclusive, Lifelong, Quality, and Relevant Learning in Africa.” Thus, our theme for 2024, "Invest in Education for Climate Resilience: Celebrating African Women Leading the Climate Change Revolution," underscores the essential intersection between Education and Climate Resilience, highlighting the significant contributions of African Women in leading Climate Change Awareness and Action.

Education and Climate Resilience:

Human activities have drastically altered the environment, threatening our planet’s ability to sustain life. Climate change necessitates immediate and decisive action. The COP28 conference, held last year in the UAE, highlighted the pressing global imperative to address this critical issue. In response to this urgency, the African Union has taken significant strides by formulating the ‘Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy and Action Plan (2022-2032) which delineates principles, priorities, and action areas for fostering enhanced climate cooperation and long-term, climate-resilient development. It aims to aid the most vulnerable communities and groups, addressing their specific challenges in responding to the adverse impacts of climate change. It also underscores the significance of social inclusion, recognizing the essential roles played by African women, youth, and Indigenous People as catalysts for change in shaping and propelling climate responses across various levels.

The importance of educating every African girl and woman with knowledge about issues that affect their life, well-being, and environment cannot be overstated. Climate change poses significant threats to food security, water resources, health, and livelihoods across the continent prompting a crucial need for heightened awareness. Hence, educating women and girls about these impacts and empowering them with the tools to take action fosters a generation of leaders who can drive innovative solutions and sustainable practices.

Several key guiding principles of the African Union’s Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy and Action Plan emphasize the commitment to Leave no one behind and ensure that the initiative is African-led and African-owned. Hence, Africa's Women's Day Awareness team has undertaken the significant responsibility of shedding light on this paramount issue for this year's awareness celebration.

Objectives for Africa’s Women’s Day Awareness Celebration 2024:

Using the powerful tool of technology, our objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness about Africa’s Women’s Day.

  • Highlight African women’s contributions to climate change awareness and action.

  • Promote education's role in building climate resilience.

  • Celebrate African women’s leadership in sustainable practices.

  • Share stories, knowledge, and best practices related to climate resilience and education.

  • Encourage investment in education by raising funds for The Muthoni Gachanja Likimani Foundation.

Our commitment aligns with the United Nations SDG4 and the African Union's Agenda 2063 goals 4,7 and 17, promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and gender equality. By harmonizing our voices with those of exceptional African women in this realm, we aim to enhance awareness about the current climate situation and facilitate impactful conversations that provide a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities associated with this critical issue, thereby educating more Africans on measures to fortify our climate resilience with the assurance that this will galvanize greater numbers of Africans to undertake meaningful actions.

Activities for Africa’s Women’s Day Awareness Celebration 2024:

Throughout the Awareness month of July, 2024, from the 1st to the 31st, we will illuminate the collective influence wielded by 31 African women, highlighting their contributions to fostering climate resilience and promoting sustainable practices. In a world grappling for solutions, these women epitomize the resilience and ingenuity deeply embedded in African heritage. The main virtual event will be on July 31st, featuring:

  • A Webinar: With Keynote Speakers 

  • Storytelling Sessions: Highlighting personal stories of African women leading climate resilience efforts.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connecting participants with key figures in climate action and education.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the role of African women in climate change leadership.

  • Enhanced understanding of education’s importance in building climate resilience.

  • Greater investment in education initiatives empowering women and girls.

  • Strengthened networks and collaborations among stakeholders in climate action and education.

  • Inspiring stories of African women leading the climate change revolution, motivating broader participation in climate change action.

By celebrating African Women leading the Climate Change Revolution, we not only honor their contributions but also inspire broader participation in Climate initiatives. Investing in Education for Climate Resilience ensures that this leadership continues to grow, creating a ripple effect that strengthens communities and enhances the continent's overall adaptive capacity.

Meet Our Esteemed Guest Speakers for this event:

1) Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE, (Sierra Leone)

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE, the first directly elected female mayor of Freetown, has spearheaded transformative initiatives like ‘Transform Freetown’ since her 2018 election. With over 25 years in finance and strategic planning, she played a crucial role in the 2014 Ebola crisis. This selfless act earned her an OBE (Order of the British Empire) from the Late Queen Elizabeth II and an Ebola Gold Medal from Sierra Leone’s President for her voluntary efforts.

Her achievements include building Freetown’s first wastewater treatment plant, creating 3,500 jobs, and planting 800,000 trees. Recognized on Time's TIME100 Next and BBC's 100 Women lists, she remains dedicated to environmental and social progress, serving as Vice Chairperson of the C40 Cities Global Group Steering Committee.

2) Wanjira Mathai, (Kenya)

Wanjira Mathai, a prominent Kenyan environmentalist, is the Managing Director for Africa and Global Partnerships at the World Resources Institute (WRI). She has over 20 years of experience in advocating for climate change, youth leadership, and sustainable energy. Wanjira chairs the Wangari Maathai Foundation and formerly chaired the Green Belt Movement.

She has also been involved with Women Entrepreneurs in Renewables (wPOWER) and holds board positions at the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) and the Clean Cooking Alliance. Recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential African Women, she continues to inspire global environmental efforts.

3) Esselina Macome, PhD (Mozambique)

Esselina Macome is an Associate Professor at Eduardo Mondlane University with a Ph.D. in Information Technologies from the University of Pretoria, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelor's in Mathematics Teaching from Paedagogische Hochschule Dresden. She holds an international certification in Leadership for Financial Inclusion from the Fletcher School and completed the Certified Digital Finance Practitioner program.

She served as Executive Director and Board Member at the Central Bank of Mozambique (2005-2015). She is currently the CEO of Financial Sector Deepening Moçambique (FSDMOç) and President of the Board of Directors at Standard Bank Mozambique. She is also a Certified Gender Equality Changemaker. Her interests include ICT for development, digital financial services, green finance, and gender-related issues.

4) Fati N'zi Hassane, (Kenya)

Fati N'Zi-Hassane, a distinguished leader in development, has been Oxfam's Africa Director since October 2022. Before this role, she served at the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) where she held multiple positions, including Chief of Staff, Head of the Skills and Employment Programme, and Head of the Human Development and Institutions Division. At AUDA-NEPAD, she led initiatives on health, gender, nutrition, education, and employment.

Before joining AUDA-NEPAD, Director Hassane spent over a decade in Europe as a management consultant and program manager. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Statistics with a major in Demography from the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics of Abidjan and an MBA from ESSEC Paris. Fluent in French, English, and Hausa, Fati continues to drive impactful development efforts across Africa.

5) Judith Marera, (Zimbabwe)

Judith Marera is the founder and CEO of Lanforce Energy, a women-led social enterprise in renewable energy. Born and raised in rural Zimbabwe, she witnessed firsthand the challenges women and children face in sourcing firewood for cooking. With a background in Human Resources and experience in the Meteorological Services Department and World Meteorological Organisation, Judith was driven to address climate change.

Her accolades include the Woman in Africa 2021 laureate (WIA54), 2021 Tony Elumelu Foundation entrepreneurship program beneficiary, and 2021 Uplink World Economic Forum Climate Justice Challenge Top Innovator. She has also received multiple awards from the Small and Medium Enterprises Association Zimbabwe, the Chartered Institute of Project Managers Zimbabwe, and the Zimbabwe CEO Network, among others.

Judith has spoken at prominent events such as the African Women in Energy and Power conference, AGRAAlliance COP 27, and the World Biogas Association Summit.

More Guest Speakers will be unveiled soon!

Past AWD Awareness Events:

​In preceding years, our focus has been dedicated to recognizing the exceptional contributions of African female leaders, with a spotlight on Presidents and Prime ministers in 2021, followed by a tribute to the Unsung Heroines of Africa in 2022. The AWD awareness initiative of 2023 showcased African Female Founders and CEOs, spotlighting the remarkable endeavors of women reshaping the business landscape across the continent. These events successfully illuminated the extraordinary achievements of African women, unveiling hidden gems from all over Africa who have made significant strides.

Distinguished guest speakers from our previous virtual events have included highly influential figures, such as Her Excellency Joyce Banda (First Female President of Malawi), Her Excellency Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma (First Female Chair of the African Union Commission), Her Excellency Mrs. Monica Chakwera (First Lady of the Republic of Malawi), Hon. Maria Das Neves (First Female Prime Minister of Sao-Tome and Principe), Her Excellency Catherine Samba-Panza (First Female President of the Central African Republic), and last year, Hon. Grace Kabayo (Secretary of the Pan African Women’s Organization, PAWO), as well as Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Director General of the World Trade Organization), among other notable personalities. These distinguished women generously shared their insights, experiences, and journeys, inspiring countless individuals across the continent.

​Through our concerted efforts, we have managed to surmount the challenge of limited awareness, effectively engaging numerous individuals across the globe and bestowing upon African women the recognition they rightfully deserve.

​Our ultimate objective is to reframe the narrative surrounding African women, ensuring that our history is communicated accurately while simultaneously inspiring the next generation of Africans.

Why should you attend Africa's Women's Day Awareness Virtual Celebration 2024?

​Given the distinctive context of our African heritage and the significant roles played by African women throughout history, it is crucial to increase awareness about Africa's Women's Day and commemorate its significance, as it presents a valuable opportunity to acknowledge and honor the contributions of African women, as well as an avenue to keep ourselves informed and inspired! Will you not consider being a part of this momentous occasion?

We invite you to join us in this celebration!

​​Registration is free! So bring your family, friends, colleagues, and social media community to register, and celebrate with us!

​​The virtual event broadcasting platform is Zoom. We will also stream live on other social media platforms!

​​With your registration, you will be receiving exciting and “must-know” updates including an updated list of speakers at the event and the final program.

​​Our updates are designed to help you learn more, not just about the event but also about the incredible women we spotlight as well as important facts about our African history.

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