Cover Image for Empower and Innovate - Women's Day Celebration with WiEP
Cover Image for Empower and Innovate - Women's Day Celebration with WiEP
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Empower and Innovate - Women's Day Celebration with WiEP

Hosted by Pooja Ranjan, La Donna Higgins & hww
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Join us at the Women's Day Celebration with the Women in Ethereum Protocol (WiEP) and Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF) study group.

Hosts: La Donna Higgins, Hsiao Wei Wang, and Pooja Ranjan

What is Women in the Ethereum Protocol?

WiEP is a group championing diversity in the blockchain realm to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and shape the Ethereum protocol for a decentralized future where all voices resonate.

From 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST on Zoom, expect an afternoon webinar filled with…

  • Welcome to the Ethereum Ecosystem and Its Opportunities for Women and recapture The Launch Gathering (LaDonna Higgins)

  • A brief introduction to the WiEP group (Pooja Ranjan, Ethereum Cat Herders)

  • Navigating the Blockchain Ecosystem (Insights & Experiences from Protocol Contributors)

    • Hsiao-Wei Wang (Ethereum Foundation, Research)

    • Sajida Zouarhi (Product Manager, Ethereum Client)

    • Sogol Malek (Ethereum Protocol Fellowship, Alumni)

    • Vanessa Koh (Ecosystem Support Program)

  • Know Your Peers (KYP) - Meet New/existing members and listen to what they have to say about WiEP

  • Q&A

  • Announce date for next month's meeting

Reach us, if you're interested in a speaking opportunity for this event with WiEP.

This is more than an online meeting. It's an opportunity for you to learn more about Ethereum and contribute to the development team to build Ethereum’s protocol.

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