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Hosted by, Joseph Kochanski & Ambika
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About Event

The event hosted by will bring together key players in durable carbon dioxide removal. It will serve as a great opportunity to hear from and network with carbon removal suppliers, marketplaces, corporate buyers, and other carbon removal service bodies. The event will include a series of pitches and expert panels, as well as a happy hour and food. This event is sponsored by CBL (an Xpansiv market), XPRIZE, NextGen, Patch, EcoEngineers, Eion, Cloverly, GECA, Go Biosystems, and Carbon Business Council.

09:30 : Doors open & light breakfast
10:00 : Welcome & overview,
10:20 : CDR Innovation Landscape, XPRIZE, RMI & Carbon Removal Alliance
11:05 : Responsible CDR Deployment, Carbon Business Council & Carbon 180
11:25 : Investor Expert Panel, Ripple, Rubicon & Counteract Capital
11:45 : Is insurance the key to unlocking investment in CDR? Kita & Oka

12:00 : Lunch

CDR supplier presentations:
12:50 : GECA (Biochar, Project Development)
13:00 : Exomad (Biochar, Bolivia)
13:10 : Restoration Fuels (Biochar, Wildfire Mitigation)
13:20 : Carbon C2 (Biochar, Wildfire Mitigation)
13:30 : Terrestrial Storage of Biomass Panel including Woodcache, Carbon Sequestration, Inc., Tau Carbon
14:00 : NextGen panel including South Pole

14:50 : Networking & coffee

CDR supplier presentations continue:
15:20 : Eion (Enhanced Rock Weathering)
15:30 : (Enhanced Rock Weathering)
15:40 : EcoEngineers/Red Trail Energy
15:50 : Pioneering CDR Buyer Panel, Salesforce, Microsoft, Shopify & Stripe
16:20 : Digital infrastructure for the carbon markets, Cloverly
16:30 : Public & private incentives to scale CDR, Patch Technologies & Department of Energy
16:45 : Leveraging the carbon markets, Xpansiv

17:00 : Happy hour brought to you by Xpansiv